SAISAC 2 day Kerry August 2013

Report by Ruairi Coleman

People:Sean, J.P, Kevin, Jay, Don, David, Gordy, Neil, Ruairi

Duration:Saturday 12 to 5, Sunday 12 to 5



Bait:Mack, Sandeel, Lug, Rag, Crab,and Maddies

Rigs:Clipped, Flappers,

9 of us fished our Kerry comps on the 9th and 10th of August.
We fished the SPA on the Saturday from 12 to 5.
I drew the end peg near the sea and had a decent start with 5 flounder and a small stinger in the first two hours
while the rest of the lads struggled to get into fish but as the tide turned the fish seamed to move down the pegs and everyone was soon into decent sized flounder and dabs. J.P made the most of it and pulled in a nice Bass followed by 11 flounder in quick succession giving him the win. I had another couple of flounder to hold on to second and Neil finished strong to clinch third from jay.

After a few quite pints that night for most of the lads we fished Ventry on Sunday from 12 to 5 again.
David and kevin started strongly with three dogs each in their first few casts with the rest of us picking up a dog or two aswell. I then picked up a huss and dog double but while the fishing then slowed for most of us jp and kevin kept catching, picking up dogs, huss and a couple of strap congers. In the end it came down to the last cast with kevin leading by a fish and catching a strap on his last cast to secure a well deserved win. J.P was a close second and I held on for third.

Overall the weather was good and fishing was decent enough, We had flounder, dabs, Bass, whiting, dogfish, huss, strap congers, and stingray in the comps and mackeral, pollock, sandeel and launce while fishing for bait beforehand.

jp bass (Small).jpg


stinger (Small).jpg

:Pairs Pts
Kevin/Neil 14 1st
Jay/Ruairi 16 2nd
Sean/David 25 3rd
Don/Gordy 32 4th

1st JP
2nd Ruairi
3rd Kevin

Variety Kevin 6 Species

Best Fish Ruairi 74cm Huss

Smallest fish David 7cm Flounder

Longest Flat Ruairi 37cm Stingray
Longet Round JP 58cm Bass

Longest Flat David 7cm Flounder
Longet Round Ruairi 74cm Huss

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