SAISAC Shore Comp #3 Toberpatrick, Wexford, July 13th


People:JP Molloy, Gordon Hardman, Sean Ivory, Neil Burrell, John Diamond, Ruairi Coleman, Keith Murphy

Duration: 7pm-11:30pm

Tide: High about midnight.

Weather: Sunny! On shore breeze.

Bait: Crab, sand eel, lug rag etc

Rigs: Flappers and Clip downs

Results: 31 Fish – Hounds, Dogs, Flounder, Dabs, Tub Gurnard, Ray, Whiting. Also weevers were around.


This was originally scheduled for Courtown, but was moved due to the great weather we are having. However when we arrived in Toberpatrick we saw that even here was quite packed. Eventually at about 5:30 a gap became available on the beach and it was claimed with tackle Boxes Rod rests etc. At 7pm we were all ready and the baits were sent into the water.

First to score was JP with a small (!) ray, and soon after I had a 27cm flounder. Neil achieved his goal for the day – his first ever smooth hound.


I then ahd a double of a small tun and a flounder. The fishing was generally slow, and as it got darker Ruairi started picking up a few dogs. JP then managed a specimen hound of 102 cms, and then a few dogs after that.

At the end of the night, JP was the winner, with Ruairi close behind.


1st (1) JP Molloy 9 fish 440 points
2nd (7) Ruairi Coleman 8 fish 394 points
3rd (5) Neil Burrell 2 fish 183 points
4th (6) John Diamond 6 fish 109 points
5th (4) Sean Ivory 3 fish 103 points
6th (8) Keith Murphy 3 fish 58 points
7th (2) Gordon Hardman – –

Longest Round JP (Specimen Hound 102cm )
Longest Flat John Diamond |(Flounder 27cm )

Thanks again to Henry’s Tackle Shop for his kind sponsorship.

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