SAISAC on tour! the NWASAC TWO Day Festival Liverpool

And so the four faithful SAI boyos headed for Liverpool to try our hand at fishing the mighty Mersey. Otterspool promenade was the venue for the 18th year of the NWASAC TWO Day Festival. Fishing was to a 2 hook rule and peeler crab was not allowed. This match attracts some of the biggest names in shore match angling from around the british isles with big cash prizes and high scoring penn points.

We met up at Dublin port for the overnight ferry to Liverpool on a stormy Friday evening. Upon boarding the ferry we were greeted by a fine dinner and after a couple of pints it was off to the cabins for a sleepless few hours of listening to the noise of the ships engine, rattling doors, crashing waves and noisy vents.

We arrived in Liverpool for about 6.30am and then it was a seat of the pants ride to find the venue. Red lights were ignored with reckless abandon, as captain beelo wasted no time in finding his way around liverpool. It soon became apparent to the rest of us that he actually had some form of impediment that prevented him from seeing traffic lights.

We soon found the venue through a combination of god’s grace, blind luck and ignoring JP’s constant urge to cross the river. Next job was to get fed. The breakfast on the ferry had been “savage” but nothing could prepare us for the fine eating in the Britannia pub. Fry up for £2.50 is something everybody should experience at least once. Next, it was off to the check in at the Otterspool pub where we drew our pegs, emptied our bowels, collected our bait and it was off to the river.

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