Ferrypoint, Youghal , Nov. 26th ’11 Report

Keith Murphy with a nice Flounder
People:Keith Murphy,JP Molloy,Ruairi Coleman,Donal O’Neill,Donal Domeney,Gordon Hardiman,John Diamond
Duration: 1430-1930

Tide: In at about 1830

Weather:Some showers, strong south westerly(!)


Rigs: Flappers mainly

Results: 33 fish total (me – blank :) ) Coalie,Flounder,Codling

Report: I left Dublin just before 10 am, and arrived into a fresh but dry Youghal just before noon. Walking down the road towards the Walter Raleigh I surmised that I was probably the first arrival but was charmingly disabused of that by a shout from a car parked at the side of the road. So there he was, JP, the “Rampent Wreckfish”, premier national athlete, slurping down his coffee and keeping up with the important girls^H^H^H^H previous days news in some red top or other..

Anyway we checked out the beach and it seemed fairly free of weed. The breeze was picking up faily quickly though. We went into the hotel to meet the others, having a quick chat about the year ahead and grabbing a bit of lunch. Jp found out they no longer do “a savage curry”. Donal Domeney arrived and it was time to head to the Ferrypoint. You need someone who can infallibly peg a beach from left to right….

Down at the venue the breeze was picking up. The beach looked well, beautifully pegged. We looked at each other a bit sheepishly, scratched our heads and eventually someone piped up that maybe the conditions wouldn’t be the most comfortable. Most of us quietly concurred. Donal Domeney was delighted. There’s nothing more he enjoys than a good pegging and off he went…

So we ended up fishing in the opposite direction, with the wind at our backs, more or less from our cars. At 2:30 pm the baits went into the water. Ruairi was quickly into codling, and I thought he might just run away with it pegged as he was near the end of Ferrypoint, able to cast into the channel.

That’s not quite how things worked though, as Keith started getting into fish, as did JP on my right. JP started with a flounder and then some codling and as it got darker some coalie too. I knew Keith was getting some fish, but we weren’t sure quite how well he was doing. I dropped a few fish on the ledge, but that was my own fault really. Cue JP, “What the *** do you mean you’re not bothered changing that flounder rod for that GB3 you have in the car. East Coast Anglers. I’m the only one not allowed to give a ****”.

At 7:30 pm it was time for lines up.

In the end Keith Murphy had 13 fish to JP’s 11

.	Peg	Name 	 	Fish	Pts	MA Pts
1	4	Keith Murphy	13	458	30
2	7	JP Molloy	11	411	29
3	1	Ruairi Coleman	5	224	28
4	5	Donal O'Neill	2	73	27
5	2	Donal Domeney	1	57	26
6	3	Gordon Hardiman	1	37	25
7	6	John Diamond	0	0	10

Largest Round Cod 52 cm Donal Domeney
Largest Flat Flounder 39cm Keith Murphy

All the competitions were sponsored by Henry’s Tackle Shop

Well done to Ruairi, winning the club master angler in his first year with us.

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