Left Dublin about 4:00 pm on the Friday and arrived in Fenit before 9pm. Was staying in the West End and Susan F sorted me out with food, well needed after the long drive. Her husband Eugene arrived and I had “a few”! Always nice to be down this week and a good breakfast in the morning set me up for the day. Must say thanks to Ruairi in Dublin and Chris O’Sullivan in Tralee for sorting me out with bait for the weekend. And of course Henry’s Tackle Shop for sponsoring our competitions.
SPA, Tralee Bay, 4th JulyPeople: JD,JP, Sean, Marco, Donal D, Neill, Gordy, Keith
Duration: 1 pm to 6pm

Tide: Mostly on the rise
Weather: Cloudy, SW wind

Bait: Mainly Crab

Rigs: Flappers and Clip downs

Results: 7 Flounder and a plaice for me
Peg Name Fish Points
5 JP Molloy 7 234
2 John Diamond 7 208
7 Neill Burrell 5 139
8 Keith Murphy 4 109
3 Marco De Kleer 3 85
1 Gordon Hardman 2 78
4 Donal Domeney 2 68
6 Sean Ivory 2 64

Largest Ray (Undulate) JP Molloy 52cm
Largest Flat (Flounder) Gordon Hardman 36cm

Report: There were 8 of fishing today’s competition.

View across the bay

At about 1pm we cast out, with mainly crab hitting the water. I had to keep close in, a gentle lob out with flappers baited with crab.
I had a few doubles, and was happy with my fishing through the day.

2 Flounder

No round fish caught, but I had two eels and a weever, none of which count.


The only ray was an undulate caught by JP, and at the end of the afternoon he took the honours with seven fish, while I was second with six fish and an undersize. Gordon had the largest flat, a flounder of 36 cm.

We then set off to Dingle, stopping off at Blennerville for ice cream cones. I hear men reach an age where they look ridiculous licking a 99, but we don’t care. B&Bs sorted and we met up in town for a few pints, as you would.

Next morning 6 of us met up in Ventry, on the beach. Weather was better than expected, with a some sunny warm spells.

Ventry, Dingle July 5th

People:JD,JP, Sean, Marco, Neill, Keith
Duration: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tide: Down and Up
Weather: Got quite sunny. Got burned :( Reminded I was a stupid man when I got home..

Bait: Fish baits, then crab,rag and blacks for me

Rigs: Flappers and Clip Downs,Bubbles and Double Bubbles!

Results: 2 Flounder for me
Peg Name Fish Points
1 Neill Burrell 5 250 Lsd 62
6 Sean Ivory 5 250 Lsd 58
3 Keith Murphy 4 168
4 JP Molloy 3 143
5 John Diamond 2 45
7 Marco De Kleer 1 38

Largest Flat (Flounder) Marco 33cm
Largest Round (Garfish) Keith 40cm

Report: I was faced with a dropping tide, and as I can’t really cast at the moment, knew things would be difficult. Anyway the baits went out, mainly sandeel looking for dogs. The lads started getting a few fish, but nothing for Marco or I.

Sean needs 3 at a time
Just Two will do

Marco was getting plagued by bathers who didn’t have the sense to move just 20 yards to his right :(. Both JP and and Keith got garfish, with Keith’s garfish at 40 cm being the longest round of the day.

Garfish, Pic courtesy of Stephen Brennan

Eventually I managed to get an undersize flounder. Marco then pulled in a flounder of 33cm, with me landing one of 30 cm.

When the scores were totted both Neill and Sean had five dogfish.

Seanie bringing in a dog

Neill was the winner as his first lsd was 62 cm.

Another enjoyable weekend in Kerry, and hopefully we’ll do the same again next year.
Thanks again to Henry’s Tackle Shop for sponsoring our competitions.

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