SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

2012-02-25 16.21.14a.jpg
People: JP,Keith, Al, JD, Ruairi, Lumpy, Dominator, Dan, Garrett, Gordy, Jay

Duration: 4pm-9pm

Tide: Low water was about 5:30 pm

Weather: Sunny, calm enough

Bait: Lud, wraps,maddies, sand eel, mack etc

Rigs: Flappers and clip downs


124 fish, Flounder, Whiting, Rockling, Dab, LSD, Bass

Place	Peg	Name		Fish	Total 	Ma Points
1	3	JP Molloy	17	344	30
2	5	Keith Murphy	15	303	29
3	11	Al McGrane	14	290	28
4	10	John Diamond	12	250	27
5	4	Ruari Coleman	12	227	26
6	1	Neil Burrell	12	223	25
7	7	Donal Domeney	10	181	24
8	8	Dan Prunty	10	175	23
9	6	Garrett Flynn	8	122	22
10	9	Gordy Hardman	8	120	21
11	2	Jay Fowler	6	77	20

Largest Round
22cm Rockling – Jp, Keith,JAY: Bass – John D

Largest Flat
29cm Flounder – John D

Well I woke up in Dublin to a lovely sunny day. There were just two problems with that:
1. I had meant to drive down to Wexford previous night
2. Bright, calm , end of February. Some fishing in daylight..YEAH!

I loaded up the taximobile (octavia) and 100 minutes or so later I was at Joe Carley’s house. Bait as ordered, A1, and then over to the folks. The dinner I was meant to have the previous night was popped in the microwave, lunch sorted, and I was good to go.

Back on the N11.

I arrived at Dodd’s rocks as a few lads were unloading their gear from their cars. They were having a small comp between themselves and were happy to stick to the north side of the beach, with us to the right of the entrance. I walked down to the beach to check it out finding dominator and Keith were already doing so. Donal sorted out the pegging (left to right) and Keith and I went back to the car park to sort out the check-in.

Preliminaries sorted, 11 of us were just about ready to go on the beach at 4pm. First cast for me was a flounder rig to about 40 metres or so. 20 minutes later I retrieved to find my bait untouched :cry: . Al had a double followed by a counting whiting. Second and third casts, still nothing for me. I went for a wee flounder walk, bumping into Joe Byrne on his own wee walk. Good to see him about, and some welcome advice for the conditions too.

When I got back to my rod I found the line had run up to the left! What the feck! 2 minutes later and a little Bass was in the bucket. An angry little Bass. Swimming around. With Joe looking after it. “Would you look at that. A Bass”. Another flapper out, fish measured, and a raincheck.

At ths stage Al had four fish, Jp had and Lumpy had similar and there were 2s and 3s spotted across the beach.

I picked up a flounder, then flounders and whiting. When it got dark I tried for a dog, getting a 29 cm flounder on the top hook (wrap and mack). Things went quiet for me, but after a while I picked up some under-size whiting. I decided to try for a LSD, picking one up on Maddi^H^H^H^ sand eel, with an undersize whiting on the top snood. My last cast was a disaster, I left the line slack and it broke pulling it through the gravel. :oops: :oops:

Anyway it was good to see new members, well done to JP on winning the first competition of the year and thanks to everybody who turned up.
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