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Entries to

JP Molloy: 087 286 1669

John Diamond: 087 7413964

Irish Smooth Hound Championships

SAISAC had their two day club competition in Clonakilty in May. Species caught were flounder, bass, smelt, turbot, and mullet.


Peg Name No. Fish Points
4 Jp Molloy 3 120
1 Lee Meiklejohn 2 68
5 John Diamond 1 63
3 Chris O'Sullivan 3 53
7 Jason Convery 1 40
8 Nathan De Kleer (jr) 1 22
2 Dave O'Sullivan 0 0
6 Darren Ryan 0 0
9 Marco De Kleer 0 0
10 Kaitlin De Kleer (jr) 0 0


Peg Name No. Fish Points
9 Darren Ryan 11 124
10 John Diamond 5 75
5 Jp Molloy 6 72
7 Chris O'Sullivan 5 69
3 Marco De Kleer 2 51
8 Jason Convery 2 29
4 Nathan De Kleer (jr) 1 25
2 Kaitlin De Kleer (jr) 1 10
6 Dave O'Sullivan 1 10
1 Lee Meiklejohn 0 0

The Inaugural Irish Smooth Hound Championships take place on Saturday 22nd in the Kilgorman area of County Wexford.

It will be hosted by Sea Angling Ireland SAC with the support of and Inland Fisheries Ireland.
The Golden Anchor will host the check-in and prize giving ceremony.

The angler that catches the largest Smooth Hound will receive a perpetual trophy, a large cash prize, and the title of Irish Smooth Hound Champion.

The match will be run un a catch and return basis, with fish measured and returned to the sea as they are caught.

The Smooth Hound, a sleek predator and miniature shark, is common in Irish waters. It can grow > 10 kilos (25 lbs) and is usually found over sand. It offers great sport and lives up to its name with exhilirating and sustained runs… If you want to catch a Smooth Hound (known as a “smut” for short) the beaches of south Wicklow and Wexford are a key mark for fishing from the shore. Smooth Hounds hunt in packs and as a consequence of this, you can go for hours without a bite and then have an hour of frantic activity that then stops in an instant. Peeler crab is the preferred bait. These are crabs that have begun the process of shedding their shells as they grow.

The Irish record is a fish of 11.27 kg caught in South Wexford by Dean Quigley

For further details email

Entries by Friday 21st to:
John Diamond
Mobile: 087-7413964


JP Molloy
Mobile: 087-2861669

Shore Competition #1 2019 Sponsored by Henry’s Tackle, Arklow 05/01


We had an early start to our clubs proceedings this year, it seems no time since the Cod Open to be honest but it was a welcome excuse to dust off the gear and get back to it. Arklow South was the venue and to say it was so early in the year we had a much improved turnout on the beach with some familiar faces returning to the fold along with new members. The weather was calm and mild, the lads laying strings of pots 100m off the beach while we were setting up was a bit disconcerting at the start but it had no bearing on proceedings thankfully.

Right from the off fish were flying in up and down the beach, with small whiting making up the bulk of the catches. Busy as it was, once it got dark it went utterly mental. I watched Lee Meiklejohn cast out with 40 seconds left on the clock, he wound in promptly on the dot of 6 with a fish swinging off his trace that had barely time to get wet.